Program Wednesday

Session 2A
9:00 - 9.30 Keynote - The engineering and management of major steel box girder bridges; lessons from West Gate Bridge, Ian Firth
9:30 - 10:00 Keynote - Life-cycle reliability of bridges under independent and interacting hazards, Mitsuyoshi Akiyama
10:00 - 10:30 Keynote - Assessment of the dynamic behaviour of railway bridges for high-speed traffic, Rui Calcada
10:30 - 11:00 Break
Session 2B
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  Self-Sensing and Connected Infrastructures for a Smart Transport Future Advances in Corrosion Modelling of Steel Bridges European Standardization of Quality Specifications for Roadway Bridges Construction Management Issues in Bridge Engineering and Construction CIM: Community Information Modeling - The New Frontier of Civil Engineering Assessment and evaluation of deteriorated bridges Life-cycle structural redundancy, robustness and resilience of bridges under multiple hazards General Session: General Inspection and Maintenance
Session Organisers Filippo Giustozzi Mojtaba Mahmoodian Joan Ramon Casas, José António Silva De Carvalho Campos Matos Mohamed Nasser Darwish Gian Paolo Cimellaro, Marco Domaneschi, Steve Mahin Ho-Kyung Kim, Joan Ramon Casas Fabio Biondini, Dan Frangopol  
Room Plenary 1 Room 105 Room 103 Room 106 Room 104 Room 101 Room 102 Room 107
11:00 - 11:15 Pervasive Fibre-Optic Sensor Networks in Bridges: A U.K. Case Study Liam Butler Structural Reliability Analysis of Corroding Steel Bridges Using Random-Field Representation Vahid Aryai Quality specifications for roadway bridges in Europe Joan Ramon Casas A case study of early cracks of a concrete pylon Xin Ruan Fuzzy Based Tool to Measure the Resilience of Communities Paolo Cimellaro Seismic retrofit of truss bridge for highway and railway Taku Hanai Survey on life-cycle structural performance indicators for bridges Fabio Biondini Optimizing rehabilitation strategies for bridge decks under performance-based contracting setting Tarek Zayed
11:15 - 11:30 Shear force-based method for detecting vehicle speed and axle spacing Wei He Corrosion risks: assessment of enclosed spaces, monitoring real bridges Mark Bowers Quality specifications and performance indicators for road bridges in Europe Alfred Strauss A case study with SVM on bridge inspection data Arong Arong Resilience Assessment of City-Scale Transportation Networks Using Monte Carlo Simulation Paolo Cimellaro Safety Assessment of Bridges for Transportation of Power Plant Generator Inyeol Paik Seismic resilience of road bridges: lessons learned from the 14 November 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake Alessandro Palermo Impacts of dynamic loads on the soil-steel bridges Damian Beben
11:30 - 11:45 Virtual design of adaptive road-bridge-types in a comprehensive 5D-BIM assessment James Lim Effect of Corrosion on Mechanical Properties of Steel Bridge Elements Le Li Quality control plan for RC bridges exposed to flooding events Nikola Tanasic Evaluation of slab lifting strategies for maintenance of middle slabs in double-deck tunnels Beom Keun Park Seismic Resilience of Electric Power Networks in Urban Areas Paolo Cimellaro Evaluation of adhered sea-salt particle amount to bridge, anti-adhesion countermeasures Aibek Toktorbai Uulu Renewal-theory-based Life-cycle Risk Assessment of Bridge Deck Unseating under Hurricanes Dan Frangopol Automated Steel Bridge Coating Inspection using Neural Network Trained Image Processing Tarek Zayed
11:45 - 12:00 TRUSS-ITN methods for detecting bridge damage from response to traffic Eugene Obrien 3D cellular automata based numerical simulation of atmospheric corrosion process on weathering steel Jinsong Zhu Monitoring in management of roadway bridges Tomasz Kaminski Research and application of maintenance for a combined highway-railway bridge Jun Fu Seismic resilience of bridges in transportation networks Marco Domaneschi Influence of collision on structural performance of steel girder Eiki Yamaguchi Life-cycle seismic resilience of aging bridges and road networks considering bridge capacity correlation Luca Capacci Inspection, Structural Health Monitoring, Repair and Maintenance of a Cable-Stayed Bridge in Vienna, Austria Peter Furtner
12:00 - 12:15   Predictive modelling of the deterioration of Australian state bridge network Sujeeva Setunge Bridge Management in Australia and New Zealand: Current Approaches and Future Needs Mayer Melhem Resilience Framework for Seaport Infrastructure: Theory and Application Omar Kammouh Sectional Analysis of Corroded Wires in Chloride-contaminated Tendon Chul-hwan Yoo Time-Dependent Probability of Exceeding Restoration Levels in Resilience Analysis Gian Paolo Cimellaro Determination of stay cable forces using highly mobile vibration measurement devices Sebastian Rau
12:15 - 12:30     Repair and Retrofitting of Bridges under IBMS protocol Sitharama Raju Sagi Seismic damage assessment of a virtual large-scale city model Omar Kammouh GA-based Model Updating for Existing Bridges Soonbong Shin Computational Investigation on the Piers of a U-Slab Bridge under Raising Flood Intensity Maryam Nasim Estimation of bridge frequencies from a passing vehicle Nan Jin
12:30 - 13:30 Break
Session 2C
13:30 - 14:00 Keynote - Timber bridges in Australia, where to from here?, John Hilton
14:00 - 14:30 Keynote - A Vision for Vision-based Technologies for Bridge Health Monitoring, Necati Catbas
14:30 - 15:00 Keynote - Design Concept of the Twin River Bridges in Chongqing, Man-Chung Tang
15:00 - 15:30 Break
Session 2D
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  Centenary Bridges - An Insight into Construction and Technology History Value of Information of SHM for life-cycle management of Bridges Resilience of Bridges to Climate Change, Natural & Man Made Hazards Latest Developments on Jointless Bridges General Session: Bridge Safety General Session: Bridge Design and Management General Session: Bridge Safety General Session: General Inspection and Maintenance
Session Organisers Paulo Cruz, Pier Giorgio Malerba Sebastian Thöns, Mark Stewart, Dagang Lu, Alan O’Connor Alan O'Connor, Maria Nogal Bruno Briseghella, Phillip Yen, Baochun Chen        
Room Plenary 1 Room 105 Room 103 Room 106 Room 104 Room 101 Room 102 Room 107
15:30 - 15:45 The dream of building bridges over the Tagus River mouth in Lisbon Paulo Cruz Sensitivity Analysis of Value of Information Framework Mohammad Shihabuddin Khan Seismic Performance of Bridges with Rocking Piers in Hanshin Expressway Kyoko Azumi Trial design study on integral abutment bridge supported on UHPC-RC segmental pile Guodong Chen Study on compressive strength of steel plates with a partial loss of cross-sectional area Katsuyoshi Nozaka AS5100.2: 2017 changes to traffic-barrier loadings – a Victorian perspective Bruce Gibbens Intermodal research to increase the reliability of transport infrastructures Ralph Holst Methods for fast and reliable determination of damping and tension force of stay cables Alfred Strauss
15:45 - 16:00 Articulated and continuous cantilever bridges after a century of experience Pier Giorgio Malerba Health monitoring data modeling and reliability prediction of an actual bridge based on ARMA model Dagang Lu Resilience Assessment of Highway Bridges using SMA-based Isolation Bearings You Dong Parametric Studies on Seismic Behavior of Integral Abutment Steel Bridges Considering SSI Qiuhong Zhao Use of stochastic optimization in the analysis of weigh-in-motion data Fatima El Hajj Chehade Displacement-based seismic design to AS5100.2: 2017 – simplified Bruce Gibbens Traffic safety and passenger comfort for steel railway bridges Seung Hwang Noise radiation from steel bridge structure – Old Årsta bridge Stockholm Anders Olsen
16:00 - 16:15 Whipple's 1841 Bowstring Truss – World's First Scientifically Designed Truss Bridge Ian Nitschke Assessment of Terrorism Risk Mitigation Measures for Iconic Bridges Sebastian Thons Resilience evaluation of a cable-stayed bridge Heung Bae Gil Research on SSI simulation method of integral abutment bridge under earthquake Qiuhong Zhao Parametric analysis of rib distortion in orthotropic steel decks Heng Fang How did the future work out? The tale of E J Whitten Bridge Robert Percy The Ultimate Limit State vs. Limit Analysis of masonry arch bridges Tomasz Kaminski Damping performance identification for large-scale dampers of a cable-stayed bridge Rujin Ma
16:15 - 16:30 The use of machine learning techniques to assess damage in critical infrastructure Romualdo Alves Evaluation of fatigue crack propagation considering the modal superposition technique Cláudio Horas Seismic Fragility of Highway Bridges Considering Improved Bearing Deterioration Modeling Shivang Shekhar Seismic Behavior and Cyclic Tests on Integral Abutment–Pile Joints Qiuhong Zhao Rehabilitation of the swing bridge from 1905, North of Spain Collazos Felipe How strong is your bridge? Optimising New Zealand's longest road bridge Jeremy Waldin Importance of Simulation in the Design of Experimental Tests Memduh Karalar Use of Comparative Vacuum Monitoring Sensors for Automated, Wireless Health Monitoring of Bridges and Infrastructure Dennis Roach
16:30 - 16:45 Shear Capacity of an Existing RC Bridge Deck Slab: FE Analysis Using Continuum Elements Jiangpeng Shu Inspection and Assessment of One of Australia's Earliest Masonry Bridges Dara Mcdonnell Structural Behavior of a Steel-Concrete Composite Beam under Fire Condition Moon Soo Kang Design and Construction Challenges of Jointless Bridges in Seismic Regions Wenhuei Phillip Yen Management of Risk Disasters: Application in Aysen and Valparaiso, Chile Matias Valenzuela Performance of prestressed concrete girder in ultimate bending for AS5100:2004 and AS5100:2017 Mayer Melhem Experimental Investigation on the Low Cycle Fatigue Life of Piles Memduh Karalar Considerations for identification of moisture in building materials using Bluetooth® Rosemarie Helmerich
16:45 - 17:00 Rehabilitation of timber bridge piles using a wrapping system Weena Lokuge   The performance estimation of pile-protective structures using simplified collision model Gyehee Lee Fatigue strength improvement of welded joints using SBHS700 by applying ICR treatment Yuki Ono Fatigue behavior of full-penetration inclined cruciform welded-joints with artificial pit corrosion Xing Wei Coupling finite elements to model steel to concrete bond Rebecca Gravina Investigation on the Closed Longitudinal U-ribs Corrosion of Cable Stayed Bridge with Steel Plate Deck Kang Yeon Lee Quantifying increasesin maintenance costs of prestressed reinforced concrete (PRC) bridges due to increasing fatigue from heavier traffic loads Michele Frizzarin
17:00 - 17:15 Investigating snipe depth in girders and corbels in timber bridges Weena Lokuge Effect of Slenderness-Ratio Parameter on Seismic Performance of Steel Piers Hiroki Takezawa Three Bridges with the Same Name "Kömürhan Bridge" Nurdan Apaydin Stress-concentration effects due to weld root imperfections in orthotropic steel decks Hans De Backer Shear and Torsion Design Review – Australian and International Standards Tahmina Hossain Experimental and analytical investigation of bridge deck under restrained shrinkage Riyadh Hindi Assessment of concrete pylon of cable stayed bridge with floating crane collision Jae-Hoon Lee
17:15 - 18:30 Break
19:00 - 23:00 Conference Dinner